Well, since I was making Diablo 2 items, I decided that it's basically impossible not to make the Buckler. It's the best shield from Diablo o_O in fact, the best shield of all times.

Just look at this art and tell me it isn't amazing:



I also made a second version, without the 5.. whatever they are in the middle:


Link for the blank version:

Don't give me any credits.
Edit it if you want.

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BTNBuckler (Icon)

08:50, 6th Sep 2013 enjoy: I like it. The background is a nice touch, if fits very neatly.




08:50, 6th Sep 2013
enjoy: I like it. The background is a nice touch, if fits very neatly.
I was going to say the background should be smoother but I think you meant it to be that way. Then I saw your .gif and was like damn, that's sick, you deserve points for that even though its not part of the resource, it make the Hive look cooler. Great work! Voting for approval!

[edit] Edges of the shield are a bit dark. If you highlighted the edges it would make it pop a bit better.
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Aug 7, 2011
Hmmm.. Legal Ease, I am having problems with the difference in brightness from my Old Computer, my bro's Laptop and the iPad my father uses... see, in all 3 the image looks totally different. And since my computer's brightness is a little dark I decided to make it lighter but then it just fucked up even more... the comp is too old for this shit I guess o_O his brightness adjustments work differently from the "new tech".

Actually, I thought everyone saw this like I see it from the iPad since most people have new computers and I didn't want to lighten it more cuz, who knows, then it might be too light.

Thanks for the comment though, I may work on it a bit more.