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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.

This is my first icon ever, probably the first digital drawing attempt too; I'm a beginer both in Photoshop and Drawing in general, but I find this one a pretty good final result.
I may make more of these if you guys like it, because I need more training in this kind of thing, so I guess it is a good way to learn and improve.

I hope you find this icon useful for your map, and don't forget to give me credits, please.

Thank you,



Improved lightning, Gradients, Changed some sizes and glow.



Changed glow, minor changes.


Armor, Black Armor, Enchanted, Item, Plate.

BTNBlackArmor (Icon)

21:21, 3rd Sep 2015 Sin'dorei300: Commented.



Level 48
Jan 25, 2011
Yep, this is good for a first try. But try to see some image references of Armors, it would definitely help you a lot.

One of the problems here are:
* The shading is a bit odd. There is no proper light source, it is everywhere.
* The glow could be also fixed.
* The armor needs a metallic texture, a shiny and hard look would be good.
* The scales, also what I've said needs proper shading.
* You can change the view or zoom in a bit.
* The shoulder pads could be a little bigger.

That's all what I see now. Probably mods will have a different set or point of view in terms of art. But nonetheless, kudos for trying and the motivation to learn.
To elaborate on the light source which still needs some work.

-Take the shoulder pads. The light shines from a western diagonal angle.
While on the breast pads, the scales, and the lower part of the armor the light shines directly.

-Metal reflects light really well. That means where the light source hits the armor spot on it should be very lit up. Almost white, but not 100% white.

-As ~Nightmare also mentions. The scales.
The scales need the same light source as the armor as a whole.
Each of the scales must therefore be shaded individually.
Let's say the light source is coming from west. Each scale must be highlighted on the leftmost part and gradually become darker. Not entirely black because that will make the scales look like they bend a lot.

-The shoulder pads could also need a bit of detail. They kinda look like, I don't know, just some grey/black blobs right now :)

I hope you can use this.
Level 25
Jul 30, 2013
I suggest you lightening up the black outline then shading it as well. Also you could highlight in in that way.
Another tip you could also draw bright lines around the parts heaily hit by light. And some weak blue lines at the side as well.

It looks cool but I hope you could improve it more :D
It ain't bad for a first try. But u must improve some things, like the shapes, the shading and the glow.
I advise u to observe some similar themed icons and/or pics and to read some tutorials.
We have some good tutorials here on Hive (http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/2d-art-tutorials-281/nfwars-tutorials-178780/ for example).
Think where the light comes from and add proper highlights/shadows.