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Bring me a soda >:D

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May 3, 2009
I've been meaning to do this... but in the beginning, I had nothing to contribute to hive. That was what, half a year ago :3

Anyways HI! I'm iTake (Forum name intake360). Its going to be
here. The only thing is I need to take a break after a hour of triggering and modeling so expect slow progress from me :p.

I spend my spare time triggering for a rpg (Name NOT to be mentioned) and, recently, writing JASS. I'm not a very good logical thinker, bear with me ._. But believe me, sometimes Ideas come out of me from nowhere at all :D. They are usually good but can be reatarded. Hey, its the luck of the draw.

EVEN THOUGH i'm not a very good logical thinker, I now code "Ruby", an object oriented programming language. I find myself often asking for help on obvious stuff the I find later I can figure out by myself. I usually either use Gosu or Rails as my default ruby gems.

I also use visual basic so you can find me releasing new programs (Something like quickloaders or helpful macros or even =*CONFIDENTIAL*=.).

I'm somewhat new to the programming and engineering world (before I tried JAVA) so help from everyone would be much appreciated.

I'll upload a avatar soon... maybe a siggy but I don't really like making new sigs D:

Number of Projects I am working on: 2 (This will be updated :D)
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