Level 2
Jan 24, 2011
Sup everyone, I doubt anyone will bother to read introduction threads. Regardless, I'm waiting for my girlfriend & friends to come by to pick me up. so I'll just post this anyways.

I'm on U.S. East TFT. Was previously apart of two maze clans & one DotA clan. (Tmmm) (ScG) (PD), Then I went clanless for a while. The main inspiration of me signing onto this website is to try to discuss and revive some of my favourite old school maps on WC3 that were currently disabled due to Blizzards recent patch. The "Game Was Not Found" error continued to pop up and FK it annoyed me. Games such as: The 11th Vampire, Escape Builder 1.6 and Maze of 1337, Etc.

I'm 18 years old and live in Ontario Canada, Not discussing much more; knowing 20% of you are stalkers. hahaha...

Watch; 4 responses, Gaurenteed.