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Blizzard's Reforged UIs for SD

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
In-game user interface of Reforged version for SD-version. Original Reforged HUDs looking too bright in SD and having miscellaneous visual bugs as well. Thus why original tiles were fixed a bit. Human's red parts of UI were recolored due to pixel breaking and personal preferences.

This bundle contains:
- Original Reforged Human tiles
- Revamped Reforged Human tiles

- Original Reforged Orc tiles
- Revamped Reforged Orc tiles

- Original Reforged Elven tiles
- Revamped Reforged Elven tiles
- Revamped Reforged Elven autumn tiles version

- Original Reforged Undead tiles
- Revamped Reforged Undead tiles

Step 1:
- Allow Warcraft III to use local files:
1) Open the 'Windows Run dialog box' by pressing the Windows + R keys (Windows keyboard) or Command + R keys (Mac keyboard)
2) In the dialog box, type Regedit and click OK
3) Go for location 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER' -> 'SOFTWARE' -> 'Blizzard Entertainment' -> 'Warcraft III'
4) Double click on 'Allow Local Files' and change the parameter to 1
Step 2:
- Download bundle from here(hiveworkshop). Then put new files into Warcraft III folder:
"Warcraft III\_retail_\ui\console\human\"


If you want to install UI for other races then replace human to orc/undead/nightelf

1. humanuitile-inventorycover.dds (Original) (Texture)

1. humanuitile-timeindicatorframe.dds (Original) (Texture)

1. humanuitile01.dds (Original) (Texture)

1. humanuitile02.dds (Original) (Texture)

1. humanuitile03.dds (Original) (Texture)

1. humanuitile04.dds (Original) (Texture)

1. humanuitile05.dds (Original) (Texture)

1. humanuitile06.dds (Original) (Texture)

2. nightelfuitile-inventorycover.dds (Original) (Texture)

2. nightelfuitile-timeindicatorframe.dds (Orig) (Texture)

2. nightelfuitile01.dds (Original) (Texture)

2. nightelfuitile02.dds (Original) (Texture)

2. nightelfuitile03.dds (Original) (Texture)

2. nightelfuitile04.dds (Original) (Texture)

2. nightelfuitile05.dds (Original) (Texture)

2. nightelfuitile06.dds (Original) (Texture)

3. orcuitile-inventorycover.dds (Orig) (Texture)

3. orcuitile-timeindicatorframe.dds (Orig) (Texture)

3. orcuitile01.dds (Orig) (Texture)

3. orcuitile02.dds (Orig) (Texture)

3. orcuitile03.dds (Orig) (Texture)

3. orcuitile04.dds (Orig) (Texture)

3. orcuitile05.dds (Orig) (Texture)

3. orcuitile06.dds (Orig) (Texture)

4. undeaduitile-inventorycover.dds (Orig) (Texture)

4. undeaduitile-timeindicatorframe.dds (Orig) (Texture)

4. undeaduitile01.dds (Orig) (Texture)

4. undeaduitile02.dds (Orig) (Texture)

4. undeaduitile03.dds (Orig) (Texture)

4. undeaduitile04.dds (Orig) (Texture)

4. undeaduitile05.dds (Orig) (Texture)

4. undeaduitile06.dds (Orig) (Texture)

5. humanuitile-inventorycover.dds[Rev] (Texture)

5. humanuitile-timeindicatorframe.dds[Rev] (Texture)

5. humanuitile01.dds [Rev] (Texture)

5. humanuitile02.dds[Rev] (Texture)

5. humanuitile03.dds[Rev] (Texture)

5. humanuitile04.dds[Rev] (Texture)

5. humanuitile05.dds[Rev] (Texture)

5. humanuitile06.dds[Rev] (Texture)

6. nightelfuitile-inventorycover.dds [Rev] (Texture)

6. nightelfuitile-timeindicatorframe.dds [Rev] (Texture)

6. nightelfuitile01.dds [Rev] (Texture)

6. nightelfuitile02.dds [Rev] (Texture)

6. nightelfuitile03.dds [Rev] (Texture)

6. nightelfuitile04.dds [Rev] (Texture)

6. nightelfuitile05.dds [Rev] (Texture)

6. nightelfuitile06.dds [Rev] (Texture)

7. orcuitile-inventorycover.dds [Rev] (Texture)

7. orcuitile-timeindicatorframe.dds [Rev] (Texture)

7. orcuitile01.dds [Rev] (Texture)

7. orcuitile02.dds [Rev] (Texture)

7. orcuitile03.dds [Rev] (Texture)

7. orcuitile04.dds [Rev] (Texture)

7. orcuitile05.dds [Rev] (Texture)

7. orcuitile06.dds [Rev] (Texture)

8. undeaduitile-inventorycover.dds [Rev] (Texture)

8. undeaduitile-timeindicatorframe.dds [Rev] (Texture)

8. undeaduitile01.dds [Rev] (Texture)

8. undeaduitile02.dds [Rev] (Texture)

8. undeaduitile03.dds [Rev] (Texture)

8. undeaduitile04.dds [Rev] (Texture)

8. undeaduitile05.dds [Rev] (Texture)

8. undeaduitile06.dds [Rev] (Texture)

9. nightelfuitile-inventorycover.dds (Au) (Texture)

9. nightelfuitile-timeindicatorframe.dds (Au) (Texture)

9. nightelfuitile01.dds (Au) (Texture)

9. nightelfuitile02.dds (Au) (Texture)

9. nightelfuitile03.dds (Au) (Texture)

9. nightelfuitile04.dds (Au) (Texture)

9. nightelfuitile05.dds (Au) (Texture)

9. nightelfuitile06.dds (Au) (Texture)

Level 1
Aug 8, 2023
Doesn't work at all.

EDIT: Okay, it actually works. I just had to remove the "-1" in the filenames of the revised version. No issues so far. Thank you so much for this mod!
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