Black Dragon Spawn

Level 5
Jun 27, 2009
I looked around in the skins and models section, and I could not find one, so I decided to come here to request one. I just need a Black Dragonspawn. Either a skin or a model, which ever is easiest. If someone could please do this, I would be most grateful, and +rep for you.
Level 2
Jan 2, 2009
I can help. I could just recolor it if it doesn't bother you.
if you don't want to take up space with a texture, just go to the unit with the dragonspawn model and go to

Art - Tinting Color 1 (Red)
Art - Tinting Color 2 (Green)
Art - Tinting Color 3 (Blue)
and change them into really low numbers

otherwise i will make the skin for you (notice the skin may take up a large size in your map)
EDIT : Here they are, when you import them into your map change the name to
that is if you replace the blue dragon spawn
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