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BE and HE Dragonhawk Rider (Re-Classic)

Blood Elf and High Elf Dragonhawk Riders


Background Story:
Swift flying unit mounted by an Elven warrior. The fierce warriors of the Dragonhawk battalions are often the first into combat, picking apart the enemy ranks and surrounding enemy towers with dense fog so that reinforcements can strike unhindered by enemy defenses. Attacks land and air units.
Author's Notes
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  • Anyone can edit my models as long as you give proper credits.
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  • The A version is just a particle recolor so I did not add in the images.

BE Dragonhawk Rider (Model)

BE Dragonhawk Rider A (Model)

BE Dragonhawk Rider Missile (Model)

HE Dragonhawk Rider (Model)

-The duplicate BE versions are redundant, but this set of models meets the standards of the site rules and works as intended. Approved.