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Battle Ships advanced 5.65

Submitted by Trollkopp
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
Battle Ships advanced 5.65
until Final - from SKED
advanced by Trollkopp

Be a Captain of a Warship or a Trader,
make your Money and get Bigger Ships and Weapons.
Destroy the Enemy's Habour.

v5.20 2 new Ships / 2 new Skills / 2 new Items / 1 new Weapon / Habours shoot and get updates / new Shop for Weapons in Habour
v5.21 only BUGs fixed
v5.22 WarShip get more HP+cost / HolyWood get a new Skill
v5.24 sell 66% / long range speed reduced decreased
v5.25 some Balance Changes & 3 new Ships / 7 new Skills / 1 new Shop wither 15 Weapon updates / 1 new Alliance update
v5.26 some Features fixed / new Skills for Own / 1 new Item / Clone Cargo changed
v5.27 Bug fix / Flying Dutchman / Missiles Damage increased
v5.28 new Weapon updates / Dutchman balanced / Repairdock changed / Ship Icons / New Allians Ship Wave
v5.29 Dutchman balanced / new Creeps / clone cost raised / etc...
v5.30 Bugs fixed / 1 new Item / Supporter Repair changed / Balance changes
v5.31 Bugs & Features Fixed / 1 new Item
v5.32 Bugs & Features Fixed / 2 new Item / many small changes
v5.33 16 different Creep Cannons / Host Vote Mode
v5.34 Creep Cannons modified
v5.35 Only small changes
v5.36 Serial-Killer Bounty / 2 new Weaponupdates / 7 new Creeps + Creepweapons
v5.40 new: CHAOS Mode / Bugs & Features fixed (b) mode balanced
v5.41 BUGfix / Balance changes / Features added / 2 new Ships
v5.42 Features added/fixed
v5.43 Skills added to Own Construction (price changes)/ Balance changes / Bugs Features fixed
v5.44 Bugs & Features fixed // Trader Kill Bonus // Balance changes
v5.45 Bugs & Features fixed // new Game mode
v5.46/5.47 Bugs & Features Fixed :))
v5.48c Balance changes / 1 new Weapon update / 1 new Item / BUG fixes
v5.49 BUG fix / 3 new items / 1 new Creep + 1 new Creep Weapon
v5.50 Cargo Clone changed
v5.51 Clone Bug fixed / Gold from SLaves changed to (4/3/2)
v5.53 Bug fix / 1 new Ship / Player Bounty in List
v5.54 Bug Fix / Alliance Ship Bounty increased / Ghost Ship get new Skill
v5.55 Features Fixed / Ghost Ship modified (model, new skill, ghost pince get skill) / new chat commands
v5.55b Arrow Tower get more sight / clone Cargo fixed to XP
v5.55c BUG FIX
v5.56 Side Board fixed / Whiskey,Sail,Hull stack fixed / Whiskey get 2 updates (Ale Brewery) / Whiskey do only 66% Dmg to buildings /
Trader can do only 1 Mission / Trader Bounty changed & Side boarded / Supporter Repair Glue cooldown raised /
Clone Cargo, Cloned Item gets Timer / Ghost Ship needed Level for Skills reduced / Creep Weapon from Rice digester now at Creep Shop /
Slaves now named Worker / Workes possible in Male and Female (u find the Childs?) / All Workers got a skill
v5.57 trader bounty display / slave messages / hand weapons typo fixed / repair dock fixed / Toy Ships flood fixed / Whiskey DMG reduced
check ships and skills - Ships modifyed:
interceptor skill intercept modifyed
Sailor raised speed
destroyer speed raised, Bord ship DMG raised
Fix it repair support changed to combat support adn aktive skill
Ghost Ship raised Ghost hull changed levels
Gnomish Trash Towers HP raised
Magic vessle Magic fire DMG raised
Juggernaut speed raised repair 5hp/sec
overlord speed raised repair 5hp/sec
sky rider speed raised
Trireme small figters stronger, transformer dmg raised
Submarine submerge faster and get 15 amor when submerged
v5.58 ghost pinace produce ships fixed
Combat Support HOTKEY
Power Mode - gold to all players
CHAOS mode - only Basic towers all weapons / ships
suizide mission Barrel of Explosvie (armed) item explode on death
Trireme: ship transformer more DMG / ship fabrik faster produce
NEW Ship Katamaran
NEW Ship ice ship
2 new skills
eagle get a cool down to buy
new funktion "-circle xxx"
v5.59 Alliance ships spawn RND number
memory leaks fixed & code checked
Ice & Fire skills DMG reduced
clone item fixed
Ships sight modified
load/save RANK included
Trireme Skills slower spawn & higher level
v5.60 Code checked ( many triggers new progged)
Rank Points included ( Bonus features like -name -team -paint etc.pp cost Rank Ponits)
NEW: Rank Fetures Captains Palace: Dragon Guards, Last Defence, Alliance Controll
v5.61 Trireme Balance (slower spawn / less HP-fighters) (Price to 3000)
Torpedos shorted duration
Ship buy fixed

v5.62 voting system changed, now all combinations possible
Captains Palace Rank Points reduced, all abilities in Captains palace now cost 50 RP
alliance ships stack (when much dragons) fixed
Puzzle price is raised
Alliance keeped Gold is not lost, keep for next gold sharing and update !
Alliance ships raise bounty (they giv a bit more Gold)
Workers now only work for Alliance, Players cant build them anymore
ITEMS on your Ship now raise then Bounty if u get Killed
OWN Constructions bounty is ste by Updates and Skills
Grafik set modified
v5.63 Creep mode checked (Lag & Creep updates)
POWER mode fixed
v5.64 Trader Gold Bug fixed
Weapon Destroyer get cooldown
Creeps Balanced
v5.65 neutral updates checked

BattleShips, ships, ship, battleship, battle ship, battle ships

Battle Ships advanced 5.65 (Map)

15:14, 11th Jul 2009 PurplePoot: Rejected until you can provide written permission from the original author to edit this map--refer to the submission rules. If you can, PM it to me.
  1. 15:14, 11th Jul 2009
    PurplePoot: Rejected until you can provide written permission from the original author to edit this map--refer to the submission rules. If you can, PM it to me.