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Battle.Net "Hostability"

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I know about all this Port Forwarding stuff and Firewall configuration. I had Battle.Net going great for some time! I could host whatever I wanted whenever, but for some reason I suddenly lost my ability to do so. I was having problems with my network one day and then when it was finally all up and running again my ability to host was gone. I've looked through my Firewall and Router settings and everything is the same as it was before I had problems. I've even tried reconfiguring both sets of settings. Of course that did nothing.

So here I am now. How can I solve this issue? I'd like to be able to host again.
Level 13
Sep 14, 2008
Well that sounds weird :/

I had a similar problem once but the solution was quite easy...

I could always host (no problem) but after we got a new router I couldn't...
I remembered the damn ip thing and forwarded them and ooooh it worked..

But the next day it stopped working again :(

Later I noticed that I have a different IP every day... and the forwarding is only for a certain ip.. (so I have to change it again and again -.-)

You could check that
Level 9
Jan 22, 2009
Usually I would have to put the firewall of completely, but it sounds weird to have it at a state like state. Before I go any further, follow his tutorial and see how that works.

Computers can just rig unexpectedly, and that has happened a couple of times for me, but lets first see how that works. Usually when I play, I would have to change IP's when it seemed incorrect, so I would and then it would work. Of course, ensure you have the latest version to ensure that it works properly (latest patch otherwise).
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