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Another MTG skin from my map.
Barrin a powerfull Archmage.
100% freehanded.
Give credits if you use!

Barrin (Texture)

THE_END: There is just a giant lack of shading and this just looks bad




THE_END: There is just a giant lack of shading and this just looks bad
Level 4
Nov 23, 2004
Model is fine for this, you guys dont know what your talking about, so stop...

This is alright,

The arms need much detail work. The face, maybe goggles arent so good, becasue of that glitchy shit on the screen, but whatever.

CLean up the face and upper body, alot. Better shading (just slight amounts). Better flesh texture on the face.

Tone your colors down. Nothing worse than bright obnoxious colors. Toning them down and adding a better cloth texture will add to the realism so much more.

Keep up to good work. Clean this up and itl be pretty nice.
Level 12
Sep 13, 2004
the model is fine for this, but you'll need to mdl edit the portrait if you want goggles, they look like a total heap of crap on there and people will laugh.

other then that, halo gets an official n00b stamp for actually ADVICING and ENCURAGING the use of filters. dont use them. they make wc3 skins look fake and not fit in with the rest. really halo, you deserve a slap for that.

for some proper comments, the skin really needs some proper shading in the right places, not scattered throughout the middles of the texure. also, its way too blue. in game it will look like a limping blue sludge. i know you've probubly tried to copy it from the MTG card as much as you could, but it still needs to look good no?

use some more veriaties of blue if you really want to stick with just blue. some patches opf really dark blue would do this good.