Baradin Watcher

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So I decided to make a skin based off of these guys from World of Warcraft: Baradin's Watchers

Who are some cool dudes who defend the islands of the Tol Barad peninsula and Tol Barad prison. I at first found it hard to decide which unit I wanted to make the skin for but settled for the militia since I hadn't made a skin for this unit yet.

As for the skin itself, everything is free hand except for the face, beard and axe head (which I didn't think was worth changing).

Hope you guys all enjoy!

Remember to give credits if used.

Baradin Watcher (Texture)

BTNBaradinWatcher (Icon)

Wait, freehand? I'm pretty sure that's the tabard texture from WoW, and other pieces from it or am I wrong? :O
It is indeed the tabard from Wow re-drawn in free hand :) I had pictures of the Baradin watcher from WoW next to me as I did it to get the colours, style and look right. However on the Discord I posted WiPs of me making the skin so it's definitely free hand.
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Feb 2, 2009
Always cool to see new skins for underused models. The tabard design may be cool but I absolutely adore those rustic and marred gold lines along the armor, it looks consistent with WoW's armor style and really lends a gritty feel to the whole thing.

Awesome work!