Balancing the scales

Level 2
Jul 21, 2018
Me and my friend are having an insanely annoying bug with "balancing the scales" level, namely: We cannot load. It shows some error message and we're fucked. This does not happen with any other level. We had to skip that level on insane and just finish it in normal, and we finished all the rest of the levels (all of the spoon's, the rest of the night elves, used archon for blood elves, and the scourge campaign provided here as well) on the "insane/hard" mode. Basically all that's left is balancing the scales, which we can't do without save/load as it's too damn hard.

We're not the only ones with this problem, if you go to the download for balancing the scales you'll see some other people had this problem as well.

Any fix/alternate download for us so we can save? I assume it's an error somewhere in the map, but we're not handy in the world editor to change anything.

Edit: So I went ahead and "fixed" it myself, I deleted the intro cutscene and some other stuff, now it works, and we can save/load. So the creator messed up some trigger or something that corrupts the save. Here's my "fixed" version, if you're having this problem.

2P_Sentinel_05_v1.01.w3x <--- The Map. I dunno how to upload to hive.

Edit: And I figured out how to upload it to hive because zippyshare will probably delete it at some point:

2P Campaign: Sentinel 05
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