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Attack Of The Lunatics 0.77c

Submitted by troylowyee
This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
-AoTL Hero Siege-
Defend the king and battle forward to destroy the dark forces that corrupt the land.

Game Description

AoTL is a hero siege map where you must defend the King and battle forward to destroy the enemies base.
Destroying the buildings stop the enemies unit production. The town is actually being raided by insane orcs
and undeads, you have to go to the heart of their base and destroy that source. This game requires teamwork and is extremely hard for solo play.

  • Upgrade Troop System: Anyone can donate money or upgrade the troops from the alliance.

    Unique Spells: Heroes and even (some) enemy creeps all have custom made spells that are unique and are scaled based on stats

    AI Enemies: Creeps and bosses have spells that are most of the time dodgeable and help make the game more interactive.

    Item Drops: Runes, tomes and items frequently drop from enemies to help you throughout the game.

    Stat-Based Spells: The spells are stat-based to make the spells applicable in late game.

  • Beastmaster





  • Version 0.75

    Fixed Mana Stone not working
    Added waygates to allow the player to teleport to base and travel using waygates
    Added invulnerability spell to all heroes
    Added use item slot skill
    Reduced number of mind control traps for Voodoo Boss

    Version 0.75a

    Fixed Chronos Pendant not giving any stats
    Thoth's Inscription now gives 45 extra Intelligence and 20 damage.
    Buffed Void Shield
    Increase Path of Light damage and scaling.

    Version 0.75b

    Fixed Shifter Shield not giving passive armor, reduced armor bonus
    Reduced price of certain items
    Increase intelligence gain from Wizard Staff
    New item - Staff of Enlightenment
    Fixed Mannoroth spawning early bug

    Version 0.76

    Added a pet companion system for Archer and Beastmaster
    Made Voodoo Lunatic's Conversion Traps start a timer before converting heroes
    Made Blademaster's green missile attacks do less damage on Easy mode
    Redid Critical Strike so now its manually coded.
    Added new items that make use of critical strike system.
    Added a new mage support item: Staff of Enlightenment
    Skeletal Orc's Jade shield duration has been reduced.
    Added MindBurst spell for Spider From Hell
    Some other minor updates

    Version 0.76a

    Quick fix for archer's crit doing ridiculous amounts of damage.

    Version 0.76b

    Made Keeper slightly stronger, reduced mana cost, cooldown and improved certain spells
    Fixed beam animation not pointing the right way.
    Slight optimization to game
    Multiboard death now shows correct number

    Version 0.77a

    Multiboard death now shows correct number
    Reduce Engineer tower damage, increase cooldown of Cluster Bomber by 1 sec
    Fixed Shifter Shield nt giving correct stats
    Removed Rifleman due to ult being buggy
    Removed Hide of Leviathan temporarily will be added in next ver
    Made Thoth Inscription stronger
    Redid Warsong Drum item giving different stats now
    Made Rod of Healing stronger
    Increase cooldown of Divine Shield
    Nerfed Talisman of Spell Resistance
    Nerfed Rogue assasin ult
    Fix rogue assasin ult causing game to crash
    Voodoo lunatic and Lich spells nw cause dmg to buildings

    Version 0.77b

    Nerfed Void Shield
    Added back Hide of Leviathan and reduced armor bonus from boss kills.

  • Models

    Frankster - Wizard and Archer Maiden
    JesusHipster - Soul Armour
    UgoUgo - Toxic Field
    JetFangInferno - Holy Bomb
    DCrimson - BlessingArrow
    Norinrad - Runical Holy Aura
    Illidan(Evil)X - GDI Titan
    Kofi_Banan - Vulcan
    SD_Ryoko - Lotus
    Tranquil - Wizard
    General Frank - Fel Orc Rampager
    Callahan - Orbital Strike and Lightning Strike (Shaman Boss)
    Boogles - Ghost Strike
    alfredx_sotn - Lightning Elemental
    Skizzik - Entangling Spikes
    WILL THE ALMIGHTY - Ancient Explosion
    Illidan(Evil)X - Grenade
    ratamahatta - HolyFireSlam
    Snipe - ChirusHighwind.
    Grey Knight - Bullet
    Gottfrei - LT-1
    The_Silent - Flamethrower Turret
    Mythic - Blood splash effects, missile effects,tons of effects! Bloodrain, rain of fire, rocket,cannon
    Sundance - Devour Aura (Moveable Blizzard Aura)


    Credits to:
    PeeKay - Mystic Potion, Holy Ban
    GooS - Red Potions and Blue Potion, dancingLightning (Lightning Field)
    Mc ! - Frost Claws, Wind Boots
    Nudl9 - PegasusBoots2
    Blaxor - Boots
    Coinblin - Restoration
    Palaslayer - Tether icon (Electrocute)
    Gwen Stefani - Rod Of Healing (Druid Staff Nature Earth)
    CRAZYRUSSIAN - Holy Glove
    rakemaster - Holy Burst
    GooS - dancingLightning (Lightning Field)
    Darkfang - Critical Poison
    Hellx-Magnus - ThunderGlobe
    KelThuzad - Blueghost
    Muoteck - Gatling Bot (Sniperbot)


    Unit Indexer system - Magtheridon96b
    StackNSplit System - Dangerb0y
    Shock Explosion (Boss Spell) - Vladadamm
    Maelstrom - Almia
    Orb Of Fire (BOSS) - calex3
    Eruption and Splitting FireBall and Demonic Ball - jakeZinc (AWESOME SPELLS)
    Knockback System - T. D. W.
    Damage Detection System - looking_for_help aka eey
    Unexpected Charge: Paladon
    Demonic Ball: jakeZinc
    Beam and Nuke - king_nelu
    Tether - Shadow Flux
    Energy Blast - Stronk (Arctic Blast)
    Bribe - GUI Unit Events
    nhocklanhox6 - Scythe Death
    -Berz- - Extended Lightning(ThunderWrath)
    Marsal - RapidSlash
    mckill2009 - Guardian
    Marcelo Hossomi - Leap Storm(Babarians)
    Chopinski - Cooldown Reduction System
    xorkatoss - Modular Mouse System
    BerZekeR - Frost Wrath

  • This map is actually a remake of a map that i made when i was only 7.
    That time I had a dream of being a game programmer and I just wanted to complete and remake this map.

    Now I'm currently in a game design and programming school all thanks to Warcraft.

    Really appreciate you guys downloading and trying out the map as well as giving your personal comments! Thanks!

  • Im currently looking for a terrainer and a programmer to help with the map.
    Small touch ups will do, as for programming it would probably be dealing with
    spells and also coming up with new UI and multiboards.

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Attack Of The Lunatics 0.77c (Map)