Level 8
Oct 12, 2005
I would like to request a model of an assassin (keep it simple). I think it should look something like these models:
It must have a short, skinny dagger that comes from it's sleeve. Almost like a zealot from Starcraft or like Altair from Assassin's Creed ( ). Notice how the blade is a bit longer than his hand. I would like for him to have a slicing attack and a stabbing attack. Again, don't make this anything too complicated. I do not currently have a project for this model to fit in, yet I am thinking of one. I know that models should be the very last thing in a map, but for some reason, I like to add them all in a map and then do everything else. It's a kind of "inspiration" I guess. Anyways, thanks for reading this an I hope you can help me out! Thanks ~ frankie11