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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
I finished the Orc skin Added the Helm and CnP The Face. The Armor is Freehanded Drawn. You Seen it before but he has a different Face and Helmet.
Also added Added Armor on his Arm.

orc, grunt, armored

ArmoredGrunt (Texture)

17:28, 14th Mar 2008 THE_END: Extremely blurry, mostly recolor on some areas. Uhmm..naaaah




17:28, 14th Mar 2008
THE_END: Extremely blurry, mostly recolor on some areas. Uhmm..naaaah
Level 4
Nov 23, 2004
It looks like there is a filter on the armor, and you freehanded over it, and judging by the low quality of the plates and pads, im gona assume you didnt completely freehand it.

Also, the detal in the armor is too busy, and sloppy. The designs kinda run into each othe rlike a giant mess.

Your color scheme is very simple. I do see some small variation of slight hints of red/blue/tellow amoungst the brown armor, however, becasue brown encompasses all those colors, simple blending luminosity will bring those out without actually shading in hues, which should be done to blend such a simple color scheme.

Clean up the work, its too smudgy. If you can clear it up, and maybe add a little seagreen to the creature skin (becasue the blue is too striong) it could have some potential.

EDit: The ingame SS is horrid, the armor looks like her smeared himself with feces...
Level 8
May 15, 2004
freehand on armor, you neglected to say you addad a lighting filter over it giving it a more metal look and sharpness. the armor needs to be more defined in shape rather than metal bits placed over him. i dont really like the face as its not a good colour for a orc but thats just me. the helment is probably the only thing i like on this, overall i give it a 3.