Archway Doodads

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Straight to 'substandard/too simple' section. Ashenvale, Felwood, Icecrown and Northrend versions of Archway doodad. Every variation comes both in normal and rotaded by 45 degrees versions.

Archway Doodads (Model)

AshenArchway_0_45 (Model)

AshenArchway_1 (Model)

AshenArchway_1_45 (Model)

AshenArchway_2 (Model)

AshenArchway_2_45 (Model)

FelwoodArchway_0 (Model)

FelwoodArchway_0_45 (Model)

FelwoodArchway_1 (Model)

FelwoodArchway_1_45 (Model)

FelwoodArchway_2 (Model)

FelwoodArchway_2_45 (Model)

IcecrownArchway (Model)

IcecrownArchway_45 (Model)

NorthrendArchway (Model)

NorthrendArchway_45 (Model)