AoS Revolution

Level 10
Dec 11, 2006
Hello, I have been looking for a project to join but I did not find any that matched what I had in mind. Most have been either AoS's or RPG's/ORPG's and not very original. So I finally decided see if there are more people like me who would like something original. So what about a mix. It might not sound the most original but just hear me out.

The Map:
The map will be larger than a normal AoS map and the terrain will be more like in a RPG. (A good RPG) And there will be only 1 big lane but not a typical one like DotA it will be covered with doodads to make it more realistic. This will wide enough to have armys walk over it in regiments and not in a row like DotA. The spawns will spawn each day but the battle will last longer than in a normal AoS. In both sides of the lane there will be forests and ruins and you can decide to drop the battle for a day and go out to discover what lurks in the ruins or stay and try to win the war.

You will also be able to ally the creeps in the forests or ruins aswell as making dark rituals to summon demons. Every thing you type will be showed as a floating text above your hero and can be seen by both allies and foes. To win the game you will need to kill the other teams' boss. The boss is a strong hero able to cast spells, basicly like a boss in an RPG. And many more feature that we can add if we want to!

It will also have another feature, a Rager-Meter which will get get higher in % when attacking and casting spells. If it reaches 100% the hero will gain a small exp bonus and movement/attack speed bonus for a little while but it will quickly go to 0% if you aren't attacking or casting spells. (This is just an idea.)

What will be needed:

1-2 Terrainers depending on how hard and much you will work.
For terrainers:
I will need to see a screenshot of one of your terrains to jugde how good you are.

1 more triggerer since I am one of them.
To triggerer:
If I don't know you are good I will ask you to make a leakless and effecient spell. (GUI-JASS-vJASS I don't care.)

1 skinner/modeler just in case we need some icons/skins or models done. But it is not necessary.
To skinner/modeler I will need to see a model or skin or icon.

I'll maybe need someone to work on the story with me. Post if you would be interrested.

Terrain: 0%
Triggers: 5%
Units: 0%

Systems done: Damage Detection (Big thanks to Dark_Dragon for that) and Knock Back.

Note that I will take this project very seriously. Don't expect to could just leave for a month without noticing me about it. Then you will be replaced.
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