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Anothergeek introduce himself!

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Level 25
Apr 27, 2008
Welcome to the Hive, anothergeek!

The Hive Workshop is a very friendly community of users that work together to ensure that other users have the proper modding material to create professional Warcraft III resources. If you come looking for tutorials, requests, and resources, you can be sure to find them in the The Hive Workshop – A Warcraft III Modding Site Forums If you find yourself needing help, don’t be afraid to ask experienced users. As previously stated, this is a friendly community that works together! Someone will be sure to aid you!

The staff here at the Hive promotes courteous, and kind behavior toward other users. They do their best to ensure that the Hive is clean of any filth, offensive, and illegal material. PLEASE ensure that you view the Overall Site Rules . Remember, the moderators were employed here at the Hive to help. If you experience any unfriendly behavior from other users, don’t be afraid to report them. If you wish to contact the admin for any reason you may have, you can do so in the Admin Contact section of the Hive Workshop forums.

I’m sure your eager to start posting and downloading. You can find maps submitted by other users within the Maps Section in the upper tool bar. If you are looking for Models, which are units, doodads ect. submitted by other users to be imported into the World Editor(WE), you can find them in the Models Section of the upper toolbar. You also have access to skins, user created textures for models, whether preexisting Blizzard models, or user created, in the Skins Section of the upper toolbar. You may choose to use custom icons, or in game unit interface pictures within your maps, and they can be found in the Icons Section of the upper toolbar. Along with downloading all this awesome material, you also have the option of uploading your own resources by selecting the

lol another geek, thats new but a geek of what??
Remember, respect the law, and the admin and you will have a hell of a time!

Joe-black-5, of the First Division Greeters!! :D
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