Alice: Madness Returns- Reviews and Opinions

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Apr 5, 2009
If anyone had already played Alice: Madness Returns for Xbox 360, PC, and PS3, I really want to know what's your opinion about this game. A review would be better. Never really got the chance to play American McGees.


Interesting art design but overall gameplay keeps this game failed from qualifying as a fun game.

Time Spent:10 Hours or Less
The Bottom Line:"Boring"

Review Summary

Alice: Madness Returns introduces plenty of crazy stuffs and presents a new alternative way of retelling Alice in Wonderland. As you'd expected, you'll spend most of your time in the fiendish version Wonderland, the concept was very interesting and I really love the way how the developers put Wonderland in a gruesome way, the scenery is beautiful and awesome. Same goes to the characters' artistic views, making Alice beautiful as ever and her adversary twisted and interesting. That, however goes to the artistic view, the game sometimes suffer technical deficiencies and may feel poorly polish along the way. Wonderland is definitely wide and really fun to explore with plenty of secret areas to see and unlock.

Overall gameplay however is a very different thing, it is consists of combat and platforming. Combat has an interesting way to show wicked variations of weaponry, as for your example, the Hobby Horse is a simple heavy weapon that is artistically touched with creativity. To move to the paced of combat, you'll be pressing a single button when equipped with melee weapon again and again until the enemy is dead, there are no combos to be done with sequential form or whatsoever, range weapons can be turned to 3rd person shooter to auto aiming and will over heat when fired too much. There is also an evade and block options in combat. To sum it up, combat is boring, mindless and easy. This simplistic combat design could bore you easily. To add another boredom to the gameplay, there's no boss stages or whatsoever, so if your expecting challenge, then don't. The only boss battle you'll encounter is at the end game and its pretty lame. Upgrading weapons are also included however it isn't very proficient and feels under utilized, you collect Teeth as your currency and spend them to upgrade weapons in Level 1 to Level 2, it doesn't change anything but the appearance and effectiveness and it feels that it could been expanded or better. While enemies are very interesting, from black sludge-like dolls to the wicked magic lamp, its all too interesting.

Platforming also plays a huge part of the game. Not to mention, almost 80% of the game is platforming which eventually leads to an uneven pacing in the whole entire game. While platforming is very constructive at times but overall you'll be jumping or double jumping per platform. This section of the game is rarely fun. While its not entirely clumsy, jumping works well as animations matched perfectly. Still, you'll rarely encounter combat and the very long session of jumping could cause headache or dizziness.

If you're not exploring Wonderland, you'd be spending your time in London. The place is gritty and enthralling as Wonderland, its still a shame that you couldn't explore further. The characters are great and quite memorable, the voice acting is superb especially for the one who's role is Alice, her voice is terrific!

The Good:
*Wonderland is beautifully crafted and fun to explore
*Superb voice acting, especially for Alice
*London is interesting as Wonderland
*Memorable Characters
*Artistically great
*Interesting set of enemies

The Bad:
*Combat is boring, simplistic and repetitive, other than that, its rarely encounter
*Extremely long platform section gets so tedious fast and will lead to uneven pacing for the game
*No boss battle to keep things interesting
*Still a shame you can't spend more time in London
*Lackluster upgrading system
*Overall boring
*Suffers from small technical problems

The Verdict:
Alice is the game that is fun to watch but not fun to play. The overall combat and platform design was too simplistic and boring making it disqualified for being a fun game.

Score: 6.5/10
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