AI build Order (Computer Player)

Level 27
Feb 18, 2014
When an Ally/Enemy building die, one of the workers rebuilt that destroyed building (Computer Player) but the problem is the position of that constructed building isn't on the right postion of last daying building, E.g : When a tower is built on spot A then being destroyed when reconstruction the tower goes on spot B (Not in the same position in other words), and the second problem is that ^^ can cause bug for units (stuck between building) or even build defenses (towers) far away from the right spot!.

Now I know it's possible to order a unit to rebuild last destroyed building on his daying position via triggers. But the Question is : Is it possible to order the AI to build on the same daying postion?
Level 11
Aug 24, 2012
Yeah you would have to trigger it, I think there is a JASS function to order the AI to rebuild all buildings that are destroyed and usually they build in the exact same spot. This can be seen by how the AI works in the Campaign maps.
Level 5
Jan 16, 2016
There's a thingie in object editor that makes the AI place the buildings more specifically, like, Lumbermill = resource, AI places that building near to tree/goldmine. Hope it helps.