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Submitted by Daffa the Mage
This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
TMK Entry [RACC]:
A wind magic with near equal power to Destructo Wind used exclusively by Council Members. Create 2-10 tornados at once based on user power.
Known Users : Fallen Mage, Daffa the Mage

1. Make sure to tick "Create unknown variables when pasting trigger data in Preference
2. Install GUI Spell System from the official source
3. Copy and Paste all object editor related abilities and buffs
4. Copy "Aeraia" folder to your map
5. Configure all related stats at Aeraia Config
6. Configure "Aeraia" main ability to your desired unit. ENJOY!

Unleash several gush of winds on an area over time. These winds deal damage and slows movement of all enemies within it's vicinity. Has chance to propel enemy to air for 5 seconds. The winds damage will wane over time after the spell unleashed.
Level 1 - 4 winds, 100 damage, 10 wane per second, 10% slow, 10% propel chance.
Level 2 - 6 winds, 200 damage, 20 wane per second, 20% slow, 20% propel chance.
Level 3 - 8 winds, 300 damage, 30 wane per second, 30% slow, 30% propel chance

  • This spell comes from the same universe as Aquaos.
  • In the origin universe, this and the other spell can be combined to form Maraeaquaos.
  • Already made this quite some time ago, just never get around to upload it.

Aeraia (Map)