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Adding Credits

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Level 10
Nov 5, 2008
Hmm.. There are all good ideas you have. But if I write it this way:

My map has around 20 - 30 imported models/skins.
Around 15 icons.
Plus 3 - 5 people who have helped me espacially much with triggers.

I am grateful to these people and I really want to honour them, but as you understand that will be a lot of text.

With these circumstances, which way is the best way to make the credits?

Ps. The best idea will also be credited for credits ;D
Level 28
Jan 26, 2007
If you have hero taverns, you could add it in the description of the hero.
(Put it below the description, add a little color for it - I've done it in my orpg and I liked it :p).
For heroes this looks good, but when using it on items/abilities it doesn't really fit (my opinion), but it is possible.
Triggers/systems can of course not be added this way.

Certainly add them in a quest-log as well, a quest-log is the most useful thing to gain/give information.

You can also set the hero name to one of the creators of the triggers/systems and add that in the description
(example added below)

Reaper2008 said:
In the end, after victory. Not in the "Quests" where everyone puts them and no one sees them.
That is not true!
If I like a model I see in a game, I always check the quests to see who made it.


Paladon is one of the few people who can create spells out of nothing.
All spells this have been created by himself.

Attribute: Intelligence
Strength: Strong spells
Weakness: Low HP

Skin made by Olofmoleman
Note that the "himself" refers to both Paladon (the spell-creator) and the hero.
Now you've credited 2 people in 1 description ^^

This is a pretty rare case, but you get my point I guess...

By the way, I think it's really good that you put this much effort in giving credits.
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