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ability-save/load system

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Level 7
Jun 15, 2010
Hi, i need an system wich only saves/load ability's that are available for an player.

There will be lots of ability's in my map and I want players to only use the ability's that they have unlocked. In the game the players should only have around 7 ability's available at the time, but durning the game i would like the players to randomly gain an new ability (1 that only the matching player has unlocked) after they used one.

I can make the rest of the system work if I would have only got a system wich is able to save/load ability's that a player has unlocked.

I understand hashtables/variables etc. but i dont understand JASS or scripts. So it wont be a problem if the system is JASS, as long as i can configure it with GUI:)

And its ofcourse better if the save/load system is coded by player name so people cant use eachother codes.

+REP (everyday i can when the systems works fine for me:p)
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