A dragon

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May 19, 2008

The one of them is some diablo fanart, the other one, is a nightelf with a dragon. q:



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Deleted member 157129

It's a very small dragon if you consider the proportions.. the night elf's legs also seem short and her underarm looks weird. I also think blue is the wrong colour! Otherwise, pretty neat! I don't know anything about dragon-anatomy, so I can't really give any advice on that.

Love the Diablo fanart.
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May 19, 2008
Havard wanted tutorial for drawing with mouse and how I do, so I'll just post it here :)

step 1.

You start out with the size. Try like 1000x1000 pixels. You can always resize it later. Make a layer above the background layer, you will avoid the background layer completly. make a really rough sketch, in grey color.
Well really any color, as long as you don't use a really dark one, or a black. Just use a big brush, like 9 pix or something. Don't make details, just make so you have drawn fast what you had in mind, to remember the concept.


Step 2.

Now make a new layer above the sketch layer, take brush size 3 or something, and draw stuff up, with black color. This time with details. Remember, if a line is not perfect, you can erase it, and draw it again. Then you will have something like this:


Step 3.

Now make a layer beneath the line layer, and above the sketch layer. This is going to be base color. Forget everything about drawing it nice inside the lines. Just color :D


Step 4.

Now you take a brush that blends out in the egdes. Make it big, like 35 pixels or something? Take a darker color for the shading, deside where the sun hits the figure, make a new layer above the base color layer, to draw the shading on, so if you draw it a wrong spot, you can
just delete it without deleting base color, and then draw it. Have the opacity low, so you can just draw on and on untill you think the color looks nice, and the blending will be better. Again forget about the edges.


Step 5.

Now do the same thing, but this time it's highlight. Take a light blue color, opacity down, this time just draw where the light hits her, and remember new layer. If you like me, wanna make stripes on her body like the avatars, just put the opacity to 30 and draw thick lines on her, with a dark blue. Then you put opacity up to 50 and draw thinner lines in the edges of the dark lines you just made. If they are to dark, you can always take eraser tool and then put opacity down on that, and then just erase them alittle. Remember to use a new layer for them!


Step 6.

Now, before you do the hair and armor and weapons and such, erase the color that are around the black lines. Take the color layers ( base color, shading, highlights ect. ) and merge them together. Then erase around the black. Remember NOT to merge the black line in with all the color layers. Have the colors, and the black outline, as two seperat layers! after errasing, it will look like this. ( I cheated and colored eyes and mouth )



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Apr 20, 2008
that's pretty good,
though i think the dragon itself would look better with a tad more detail on it, (scales for example) but that's just a matter of taste


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May 26, 2008
Very nice piece of art you made enjoy.. but I suggest you for the futur to stop using hard black lines and instead working more on the shadows..

because what creates shapes is the lightning and the shadows.. no hard lines :D
more you practice in making shadows.. better you will become!

Good luck.. and I will watch you grow!