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2 spell requests (or questions)

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Level 10
Jul 2, 2004
can someone help me make a spell where a hero summons a felbeast (which is also a hero) diablo 2 style? as in the protect hero thingy. the felbeast will always have the same level(or exp) as the hero. and it will blink to the hero if their distance apart is too wide. also, how do you make roar + bloodlust to all friendly units nearby? (i mean like area of effect bloodlust). sorry if my english aint refined enough
Level 11
Jul 20, 2004
For the first one, it's pretty complicated since you need AI for the beast. I would try Vexorian's system which works like Diablo mercenaries (look for it onto Vexorian's spells).And as for the AoE bloodlust, that is very simple.

Have a roar (hero ability) ability but which lasts 0.01 seconds and practically does nothing. It costs mana and has cooldown of course. Then take a bloodlust (unit ability) which does the effect you want it to do but cost nothing (I'd also put very high cooldown to avoid bugs). Assure that you give the right buff to the bloodlust spell.

And now, have a dummy unit. For more info check the FAQ. Add the dummy unit your bloodlust spell and then make this code:

Event - An Unit Starts the effect of an ability
Conditions - Ability being Cast equal to YourRoarSpell
Actions - Pick Up Every Unit within x range of (Triggering Unit) Matching Condition ((Matching Unit) is an Ally of Owner of (Triggering Unit) equal to true) and do actions:
- Create 1 Dummy for Owner of (Triggering Unit) at Position of (Picked Unit) facing 0.00
- Order Last Created Unit to Orc - Shaman - Bloodlust (Picked Unit)
- Add 1.00 seconds expiration timer to (Last Created Unit)

That should do it. One more thing, change the x with the AoE your spell should have.

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