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1 Spell request

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Level 22
Feb 3, 2009
Hello, 2 spells were already made in the "Taking Spell Request" threads, but they don't seem to want or find time for the last one. So I'll try request here instead:

I need this last spell for my hero:

Name: Black Flames
Levels: 1
Description: You can leave blank
The Spell should be a activatable and deactivable like immolation and such kind of spells.
What spell does?:
Whenever the spell will be activated: Every 0,5 seconds or so, a Dark flame should spawn at caster offset by X towards his facing. This fire lasts for X seconds. The Dark flame deals X damage per second in an AOE around it. Aslong as Dark Flame stays turned on, the caster looses HP and Mana equal to X * Amount of flames on the battlefield owned by the caster per second.
When deactivated the Dark Flames flames stop spawning aswell as he stops loosing HP and mana.
Also aslong as Dark Flame is activated this special effect should attach on "origin" of the caster, and disappear when the spell gets deactivated. Sharingan Aura

The Custom model for the Dark Flame flame: Sonic Missle

Must be MUI and leakless

+rep and credit if you can make it
Not open for further replies.