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【digest】eplayKit - Watch replays from ALL patches without annoying map path problems

Discussion in 'Warcraft Editing Tools' started by xuying, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. xuying


    Mar 23, 2013
    digest from wcreplays

    As always, my project is open source!
    Feel free to read through the code and build it yourself!
    To all others, I promise that it's no malware or anything like that, just what it's supposed to be!

    Work flow:
    After installing ReplayKit you just have to open W3G files via double click or right click -> open and the magic begins! If the replay was played on a different patch version, you get a short message and then WC3 gets patched and started. After quitting WC3 the original version is recovered automatically and you receive a notification. ReplayKit also handles invalid map paths in replays, as it just corrects them and passes the new replay to WC3.

    ReplayKit requirements:
    Windows XP or later
    Warcraft 3 TFT @ patch 1.26a (important!)
    (optional) An OLD WC3 CD (to watch RoC replays < 1.07)
    220MB memory space (180MB patch data + exe plus another 40MB for a automatically created back up of your game)

    Quick Installation-Guide:
    Download "ReplayKit.exe" http://sourceforge.net/projects/replaykit/
    Download "ReplayKitPatch.mpq" http://www.mediafire.com/download/6b...ayKitPatch.mpq
    Move both files into your Warcraft 3 folder
    Start "ReplayKit.exe" to install it quickly (creates a backup of WC3 and sets registry keys)

    NO CD required for old TFT versions (except for patches < 1.07)
    Views any replay from any WC3 patch (1.00 to 1.26)
    Fast and stable patching (creates a backup automatically)
    Requires just a fraction of memory space compared to other patchers
    Corrects invalid map paths and replaces unreadable names (russian or chinese letters) in replays
    Enables the possibility to show permanent health bars in later WC3 versions (with double pressing ALT)
    Convenient handling

    Patch 1.24ab and Patch 1.24cde are incompatible but can't be distinguished automatically! So for this special case YOU have to tell ReplayKit which version is correct (if you don't know that, run the replay twice, then you'll be fine anyway)
    All RoC replays need an OLD RoC CD! Furthermore the replay doesn't start automatically. After your game pops up you have to go to single player->view replay->!RKTemporary to run the replay
    All the testing was done on an ENGLISH WC3 version! If you have different language installed, feel free to report bugs, so I can fix them. Normally there shouldn't be any, except for some text-language-mixing
    When your game version doesn't get patched back automatically (happens on a unexpected power off or anything like that) start ReplayKit and it asks for a version recovery
    Some had problems using ReplayKit on Windows XP. It could be solved by unselecting (when a window "Run as" pops up) "Protection of the computer and datas against the unauthorized program activities"

    ReplayKit detailed information:
    Sourceforge website
    Wiki with a bunch of information
    Detailed Installation-Guide
    Download area with source code RAR


    :grin:find it by luck
  2. jonhysone


    Oct 29, 2012
    That's cool and easy to install. Thanks for the tool.