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  1. bruunk

    [Trigger] Integer/Real Variable Size Issues

    I'm faced with an issue I didn't think possible, so I'm not sure why exactly it's occurring but this is what I have so far. My issue is involving a respawn system, where a unit dies, wait X seconds, you get the idea. However, I noticed that when I tested the respawn it worked, but when I tried...
  2. Recklessness

    I am having an issue with this spell

    I am simply creating a spell where an archer can rotate between different elemental arrows. For some reason the gui [Ability - Set Ability Real Level Field] may not be working properly or I am doing something wrong. Here is what im working with: I am using [Item Attack Fire Bonus] as a hidden...
  3. SSJ7107

    [Spell] Plague-like ability? Is it possible?

    What's up guys I'm trying to make a new spell that deals damage over time and when the unit dies, it spreads to nearby enemy units (Damage is based on attribute). Is there a way to make this possible or No? o_Oo_Oo_O