1. deepstrasz

    deepstrasz's scribblings

    I've been listening to Jordan Bernt Peterson's Biblical Series recently and it inspired me to write some incoherent babble on consciousness, dualism and choice. I've also drawn some drops of inspiration from Albert Camus' The Myth of Sisyphus.
  2. Ricola3D

    Write in local file: how to append a line ?

    Hello, I know well that you can write text to a local file with the following primitives: call PreloadGenClear() // Optional, clear all previous entries in PreloadGen buffer call PreloadGenStart() // Clears the buffer and starts a timer until PreloadGenEnd, the time value gets...
  3. Rikardo

    Writing in WE (ground)

    Hiya, I was wondering how to write in World editor, I mean writing a text in a certain area, to show a new zone starts