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  1. Warseeker

    Help with texture wrapping

    Hello guys, Can someone help me to wrap the texture of these two models using the skin I attached below so that it would fit properly with the model? Basically what I want to do is change the color of the saber to orange/yellow-gold. I tried to do it the easy way by simply importing the new...
  2. Zak17

    How do I rewrap a model?

    I want to rewrap the crypt model with some of the Human building textures to make an abbey style building (like what Ujimasa Hojo does), but I don't know how to do this or even if I'm searching the proper terms. What tools do I use, what is the process/where can I find a tutorial, and what is...
  3. Zak17

    MDLVis says textures are missing

    So I'm following the tutorial in this thread: Skinning and Wrapping tutorial and things were going good until i got to step 6. I click modules, UV Map Editor, and then i get a textures missing error. Even the custom texture i want to rewrap is missing. Any suggestions? I'm gonna be honest, Im...
  4. Yours Truly

    [Solved] Changing this model's texture messes up the wrapping.

    Hello, I am trying to change a model's texture to a typical black and white, but this somehow messes up its wrapping. Take a look: This model is the Cruel Cloister model by Gottfrei