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world editor noob

  1. Captain_Teemo

    [Import] Imported models appearing as white

    Hello, I'm fairly new to using Wedit & War3 Model Editor V1.07 i'm not having much luck with getting textures to appear on models despite them showing up in Model editor fully textured but milky white when placed ingame. I don't see any way to manually add the textures once they are imported nor...
  2. Ahalan Bessa Windson

    Get a random value from the unit attack range

    I want to get the attack range of a unit and make an action generating a random number from the unit attack range. Example: I have a footman with 15-42 attack range From that attack range i wanna generate a random integer from 15-42 without putting it manually on the values.
  3. DJ_Dragon_CZ

    How to let computer use custom unit spell

    Hello, im trying to make type of map like Castle Fight. Problem is i don't know how to make units controled by computer to use custom spells. Actualy im stuck on first spell :D Trying to let Ghoul use Berserk. But when he should use it, he just don't. I tried to look on forums, but how can you...
  4. FreeReign121

    [General] How to access original campaign map AI?

    I opened up one of the Reign of Chaos maps " Orc 03: Cry of The Warsong" in world editor. I would like to study and potentially tweak the AI in this map. But I don't know how to access the AI script listed in the trigger editor using the AI editor.
  5. tdrsmynm

    Altered Melee AI

    Hey guys im actually new to making world editor maps and using Hiveworkshop and i am working on an altered melee map with different races from the usual human, orc, undead, and night elf. However everytime i try out my ideas and try to test it with AI or BOTs they cannot properly use the new...
  6. torrific

    [Solved] trigger help

    Hello, I am quite new to this site so I am sorry if I posted this in the wrong section. I was wondering if anyone could help me with some trigger work. I have created 4 mini bosses that when defeated I want to spawn a unit at a target location that when defeated as well drops an item that makes...
  7. YetAnotherYoutuber

    looking for WE advices

    working on campaign, just like many in here. looking for worldeditor skilled person that has time and knowledge to help with anything triggers, advices on terraining, cinematics etc yes i am asking for help because im noob in editor, and i know almost nothing in it knowledge that i do posses, is...