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world editor crash

  1. BranHUN

    [Crash] PTR World Editor won't open

    Hello there! I don't know, if this is how it's supposed to be or not, but I have moved to the Public Test Realm to play Classic Warcraft III, and I thought about creating some custom scenarios. However, I can't seem to open the World Editor of the PTR edition. It always pops up, then...
  2. Koko Kwikwak


    before i start i want to say that i'm a spanish and my english is not good, so please be patient with me. i have this problem with my custom model whenever i'm using it in my custom map, it crashes my world editor if not it appears to be invisible when it works. i have uploaded the file, please...
  3. Arathorn

    [Crash] My map crashes when loading in the editor

    Hey everyone, I work on this map for a very long time and I never had any problem with it. But it appears that since the last update on warcraft 3 (I'm not 100% sure), when I try to open my map in the world editor, the editor crashes at Loading Triggers and more exactly at 490/550 I think. I...
  4. markus-1

    [Crash] World Editor Crash

    The editor crashes when I enter the Game Interface and there for example I want to change the text describing the attack type or defense type, I click on the line, and it just crashes with the standard error Blizzard. Crash occurs on ANY map, whether it is a classic map from Blizzard, or...
  5. VortexBeater

    World Editor, My map can not be load.

    Hello everyone, i had a problem with my Warcraft 3 map. I was normally editing it, i saved it, shutdown my computer, and then, the next day, i tried to open it again to continue editing, but it charged the map, and then crash the world editor. The map still working when i play it from the...
  6. Gauda

    [Crash] Deleting custom skill causes worldeditor crash

    I encounterd this error message today while working on a map. I wanted to replace a skill of a unit (based on endurance aura) with another skill (based on Ice arrows). So i created the new skill, changed the skills used by the unit and then i wanted to delete the old skill but everytime i try to...
  7. Arkhanglesk

    [Crash] Need Help!! I have an Issue regarding WE not starting!

    Hi, my names Arkh, Anyways I have been having an issue concerning the WE for Warcraft three on my HP. I have done everything from uninstalling it and going back to battlenet and reinstalling the game to completely resetting my computer just to see if there where any conflicts between other...
  8. Tanni

    Campaign Won't Open

    Hi, I've been working on this campaign of mine for a bit now and while I do have a few backups, my current one has a lot of new things in it that the previous versions don't and for some reason it isn't opening. Just moments ago I was able to save it, but then I noticed something peculiar with...