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  1. WC3SC1 Brann Bronzebeard Test

    WC3SC1 Brann Bronzebeard Test

    Totally optional character appearance (hard difficulty only), his whole gimmick is to adapt the Liberty's Crusade SC1 Novel into this SC1-WC3 universe.
  2. WC3SC1 - Brann Bronzebeard's Crusade

    WC3SC1 - Brann Bronzebeard's Crusade

    I decided to add Brann Bronzebeard to the warcraft 3 / starcraft 1 crossover thing to take the role of Michael Liberty as in its respective novel. Rather than appearing all the time, he will only make appearances if the player chooses the hard difficulty and enables the ULC.
  3. Alliance Unit Quotes

    Alliance Unit Quotes

    These are the custom unit quotes I've been using for Alliance Units. While some of these may be straight up the same, others have been altered or reinvented to fit better with the Warcraft 3 universe.
  4. Garithos as Narrator

    Garithos as Narrator

    Yay or nay? As of now the trigger works either way depending on conditions being set. I personally prefer the silent text option, but I'm curious what others might think.
  5. WC3SC1 Alliance 01 Briefing

    WC3SC1 Alliance 01 Briefing

    In case you didn't get it Uther (Edmund Duke) is Evil.
  6. Alliance Briefing Room Test.png

    Alliance Briefing Room Test.png

    Name says it all, although this is more akin to the first and third map, not the second one
  7. WC3SC1 Priest/Crusader sample

    WC3SC1 Priest/Crusader sample

    Man, this whole thing is addictive. This guy has an 'archaic' English version of the Terran Firebat's quotes.