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wc3 crash

  1. Skooterj

    Wc3 Map Editor - Unsupported 16-bit Application

    Hello, I started editing maps in Wc3 Map Editor two days ago and today I imported some skins/models. When I closed out of the application it asked me if I wanted to save "something" as 'untitled'. I clicked No. When I tried to reload the map minutes later I got an error message saying...
  2. Arvin.Ma

    [HELP] Screen Crashing !

    when i create too many unit in same screen ,it will be display error. can some one tell me how to fix this problem? (engine limit?)
  3. Atasha JG

    Problem downloading wc3 1.31

    I download wc3 from this guy's post Patch 1.31.1 Backup Files because i want the latest orginal wc3 version (not reforged) after downloading, then i try running wc3 launcher then i repair it and install and updating it. When i got 78% of updating i found out my updating got bugged it said...
  4. SpiritTauren

    [Crash] Different PC spec influence on trigger length/execution quality

    Ok, here's an embarrassing situation: CONTEXT I normally work on my maps only with my stationary PC (ok-ish specs: gtx1080, i7-7700k, 4.2Ghz processor, 32 gb RAM, etc.) But today I've updated Wc3 to the latest patch on my older laptop (Intel HD 4000, i5 processor, etc.) and started editing my...