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warhammer 40 000

  1. Tech-priest


  2. Bio_Magus

    Looking for Pyramidhe@d’s Necron warrior and brood lord models

    What the title says. Obviously the models aren’t available on the hive anymore and I don’t want to go to one of those rip-off sites. Does anyone have the models for the Tyranid Broodlord and Necron Warrior they’d be able to send me? They’d greatly help me as I’m making a Warhammer map, and I...
  3. Jaccouille

    [Solved] Adding alpha channel to a texture from another game?

    Hello, I've been trying to convert the 3D models from the game Warhammer 40k - Dawn of War 2 to the mdx format, mostly for the lulz and because I wanted to see pretty space marine in WC3. So far I managed to setup a "pipeline" using 3ds max, neo dex plugin & few script I wrote to fasten the...