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  1. Ricola3D

    Unit of "Ward" classification: display a command button ?

    Hello, I have units of classification type "Ward" in my maps, and that have splash damages. I would like to add them the "Attack" command button (that is hidden because of the classification) like any other unit. Is there a way please ? Indeed with this button I can have the ward attack my...
  2. nicolas97p

    Make wards walkable

    So I'm trying to make a ward walkable (just like goblin land mine, but without the kaboom part). I figured out one solution to it but it's a really weird one. I gave my wards the goblin land mine ability "Mine - exploding" with an activation delay and invisibility delay of 300 seconds (this is...
  3. Rykon-V73

    Lightning Ward weirdness

    After successfully adding Fire Ward for a hero(I don't know how to edit it for a unit), I decided to insert Lightning Ward next. Trigger: MyAlbum I inserted everything right, but when I tested it in-game, the lightning was replaced with my Obsidian Golems. Is there a way to change the code here?