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  1. Loguasinto

    My Warcraft Map seems a bit broken, unit doesn't collide

    My Warcraft 3 Map Units Wont Collide with the buildings and units in order to attack, they attack from afar instead close range any fix? The range seems a bit off don't you think?
  2. popnrshin

    [Role Playing Game] World of Warcraft Lichking raid-Region Remix Development

    Hi I am now developing this map around few years. Sometimes I released new versions of this map, but it was Korean. My goal is translate Korean to English and discuss with you about this map. MAP SIZE : 256 x 256 MAP TYPE : Raid-RPG MAP PLAYERS : Single (Can be multi-play later...) APPROX...
  3. W

    Discussion: Icons submission's rules & guidelines, WC3 icons' borderlines to WC3R icons' borderlines

    The icons' submission rules and guidelines say the standard Warcraft 3 borders, with the Button Managers, is there the consideration of switching from WC3 icons' borderlines to WC3R icons' borderlines since they are still WC3-based instead of the latter? Or, prolly, is it fine for the future...