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  1. FullySikh

    Need help finding a map!

    Hello members of the Hive workshop! I need help finding a Warcraft 3 custom map that i played years ago, i have not seen anyone talk about this map since, and it's driving me insane. The map is extremely similar to binders, in that you combine units to create better ones, but instead of just...
  2. juanex9876

    two-headed ogre worker

    hi all I come with a good opinion I would like to aprobaran me it is a model of warcraft 3 and consists of a worker ogre is for my islands I am creating someone I could help with this model would appreciate too please and thanks :ogre_haosis::ogre_haosis::vw_wtf:
  3. nero_ed

    Novice (started yesterday) Map Maker

    hello everybody, new here , i am starting to make maps now :vw_unimpressed: well i like warcraft 3 a so many time that i decided to join the site, i am an novice at doing maps and balancing units, i would like to go expert on doing maps :)
  4. BeatMySkill

    [Mapping] Warcraft III World Editor Tutorials Ep. 3 - Hero Chooser [Part 2]

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRDYB8TuYA0&feature=g-upl *IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The Snowman Productions will stop making videos, because we are going on vacation... I will upload "Warcraft III World Editor Tutorials Ep.3 Part 2" today and won't upload anything for 14 days, two weeks...
  5. BeatMySkill

    [Mapping] WarCraft III World Editor Tutorials on YouTube!

    The Snowman Productions has released a big project that will teach all of the new, and old map makers. They have made the Warcraft World Editor Tutorials on YouTube and the tutorials will be in episodes! The episodes will go every week, Monday, so if you don't want to miss any of the episodes...
  6. Darkdread

    War III

    I Love War III :razz::grin: