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  1. KvickaN

    [Solved] All my tooltips are gone/empty

    Edit: Fixed, after lots of testing I forgot I had imported war3map.wts so thats why the saving did not work. Now it saves correctly again, just have to rewrite everything. Lesson learned. Always keep a backup. :-) Hi, Got a major issue, all my tooltips have gone missing. I spent about half a...
  2. Light_AND_Dark

    PST Sheep Tag

    Hello guys, im old days war3 region of chaos player i remember playing on Sheep Tag map (i believe from PST clan, PST-Tim had piece of making it i guess) and i can't find it any where. it was pre war3ft map so it was 2002-2003. I'm grateful for any advice or map upload. For Daaa HordE!
  3. Regno

    [Solved] War3map.i (custom items?)

    Good evening dear Hivers! I have this map (which is not mine) that I want to edit, and by that - I'm talking about the ''custom items''. I tried some ways, such as taking out war3map.i and opening with WorldEditor which CLEARLY didn't work (lol). Opened the map, I didn't find any trace of...