war3 model editor

  1. Runoske

    [General] How to change the animation of a building?

    Good day, can you help? How to change the animation of a building? For example, to create a "necropolis" through the animation of creating a "tree of life"?
  2. Ayto

    Help - Error with Magos Model Editor

    Hello to all, I have recently acquired CD-Keys for both Warcraft 3 games and installed the digital version with battlenet, straight to 1.30. I tried using Magos' model editor and no matter what I try, it doesn't work. I downloaded the latest version from the Hive, opened it and when I try to...
  3. BrothForMyPeople

    Adding one model's head to another model's body

    Hi there I'm totally newbie in model editing. I love Blizzard's Assassin Model, looks so gothic, but I always hated that cloak, those shoulder-wings(?), and bugged head, so I cut them all off (see attached file). My question is how to add a head to this model, a head of, for example, night elf...