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  1. Wlarius

    Walk/run animations in cutscenes

    I need help figuring out how to have a unit walk to the next region instead of the default running. Many cutscenes do this, but the "walk" animation is not listed when viewing a model in WE. There is only one walk animation for units (apart from morph units), and it is the default running. I...
  2. Woodenplank

    Forcing unit animation

    Hi Hive I'm making a sort of "motion blur" movement speed ability, and it almost works perfectly. The trigger gives some movement speed abilities and such to the caster, but it also does a loop every 0.20 seconds which creates a transparent clone of the Hero. The clone starts with 60%...
  3. Verdun

    Animated tank treads / walk animation for tank models

    As with most things, I suppose I could piece this together somehow, but I don't even know where to start, exactly. I have been looking at tank models in the model editor, and I figure it requires animated textures, but so far I really haven't been able to "reverse-engineer" this effect. I would...
  4. gurgamel

    Help! Ability to make unit walk a set distance

    Yo, really noob on varibles and thats what i think i need right now. I need to make four abilities that make the unit walk a set distance to either up, down, left or right. It will be apart of a strategy mode, where the unit will walk on tiles and the part of it being an ability is so that it...