1. HerlySQR

    Effect visible for a player

    Hello everybody, Is there a way that a special effect only can be seen just for a player (or group of players)?
  2. u wot m8_

    [Solved] Map not appearing in folder

    I've noticed that i can't find the more recent maps i've made in the folder i saved them in. I can find and open them through the editor's open ability, but when i am using the normal windows explorer, they're nowhere to be found. I've tried dragging the maps from the editor's open screen to my...
  3. Rhevo

    Infinite Visibility Modifiers?

    Hi guys, i want to ask you some help about how visibility modifiers works: Does unlimited Visibility Modifiers could cause bugs/malfunctions/ weight on the RAM? In my project i need special visibility circumstances: i need to have a permanent black mask above the whole map, but i also need to...
  4. TheAyalalalalon

    Simple vision region modifiers

    Hello I want to make a unit gain vision of all a region when he enters it but the problem is i want the unit to lose the vision when it dies I was trying to make it but it is not working (the region visibility modifier is not destroyed so the unit never lose vision)
  5. 2xbon

    [Solved] Visibility Trigger

    Hello fellow Hivers, I was wondering if the following trigger sequence will create leaks? If yes, then how should i fix it? Thanks --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Entering WT (1st Trigger) Events...