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  1. Tigrick

    Alternative to Mdlvis? (need program for attaching vertices to bones)

    Mdlvis messes up normals. I tested it. Each time you open a model in Mdlvis, it changes normals, and this can make a model's lighting weird. I want to find another program that allows attaching vertices to bones. Suggestions welcome.
  2. lv99zephiroth

    Can you duplicate geosets?

    Hi! I'm trying to customize a character model with the Model Editor and MdlVis, and I'm wondering if you can duplicate geosets, as I aim to give the model an extra pair of horns. Duplicating only the horn part of the needed geoset woud probably be most useful. Question is: can the duplication...
  3. BossGengar

    Vertex Modifier Not Working (comdlg32.ocx)

    I need the Vertex Modifier to work on this model i'm making for my map. When I try using the Oinkerwinkle's Vertex Modifier, it displays this error message "Component 'COMDLG32.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid" Does anyone know how to fix this?