1. HerlySQR

    [Lua] How good is the garbage collector?

    Hello, I ask this question because I wanna know how viable is create a vector "class" with Lua, because taking advantage of the garbage collector will make easier do geometry. I read threads about this but I didn't get a clear answer. I know there exists [Lua] - Leak Preventer, but tables are...
  2. Ofel

    Advanced homing projectile

    How to make a projectile to properly home-in to a target unit? My problem is about the mathematical calculation. Currently, I've managed to make the projectile move to a 3D point towards its facing direction with offset by [speed base] plus offset by [turn acceleration] towards the target unit...
  3. Marebre

    [vJASS] Knockback System

    EDIT: I realized I wrote lot more text than decency allows, so, in short: Is there a knockback system that will slide an unit to exact point (i.e. slide exact distance)? Or, how to do math for in this one to achieve just that? I need a knockback system (because I'm rather too lazy to make it...