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  1. kattemissen

    Increase level of ability for an entire unit-type owned by a player

    So I have a map where each player is spawning waves of units and have the ability to upgrade these units. I want to have upgrades, which increase a level of an ability for all units of a certain type, so that upcoming waves spawn units with increased ability levels. Is this possible to do...
  2. HerlySQR

    [Solved] Question about "Units of Type"

    I heard some time ago that function is "blacklisted" what is wrong with that?
  3. RadimX

    [General] Limit Items of certain type for player

    Hi everyone, in worldeditor there is a trigger which allows me to set limit of unit-type for players. My question is: Is there any trigger to set limit of item-type for players? I can't find similar trigger :/ Idea is that player can build certain building containing items and I want to set...
  4. Moonbreakzor

    How to trigger income for specific units in a specific region?

    Hi there, This is my first post and I hope it's not a silly question. I've spent many hours trying to solve this trigger system. I've tried countless variations, which work more or less. But none like I want it to. I am trying to add a small income every 2 seconds for the player for each...
  5. thorlar

    [Solved] A way to extract unit-type from given unit?

    So for the last days, I am stuck at this problem. I want to make a JASS function(plz no vJASS) that takes a unit, and returns the raw code of the unit, in unit-type/integer/string form(form doesn't really matter as long it works) I also have an global integer array(easily converted to unit-type...