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unit groups

  1. cobalte

    [Trigger] Reference the value of an array index

    Is it possible to retrieve the index of an array? For example, if you have a Unit Group Array of 100 Unit Groups, and I select a unit on the map, is it possible to call a function that would return the index of the unit group that is selected? I.e., selecting a unit from UnitGroupArray[40]...
  2. DrunkenDirt

    Is removing units from group enough to solve memory leaks?

    What title says, does a system like the one below prevent leaking, or do I need to destroy the group with a custom script? Haven't been able to find a clear answer. Untitled Trigger 004 Events Conditions Actions Set VariableSet GroupUnit_Temp1 = (Units of type Footman)...
  3. Bubo

    Help Rotating Spawned Units

    Im looking for help regarding rotating units from one area to an other where they need to keep their position but be able to rotate how they are positioned. I've looked around on the internet and haven't found a solution and I've also experimented around for a long time now and cant figure it...
  4. Cushq

    Arena Duel Trigger

    I'm trying to set up a dueling trigger for my arena map where at say 15-30 minutes intervals there will be a duel with all the current heroes on each team that are on map get sent to a region and after there is one team left will then move the units back to their respective spawn zones. Doesn't...
  5. TyDieGuy99

    [Spell] Points and Unit Groups

    So I have a trigger where it takes every unit within X of a point(position of casting unit) and adds them to a unit group. This is followed by creating a special effect at the position of each unit in the unit group. For the purpose of eliminating leaks. How would I assign a point(or type of...
  6. Adorm

    [General] Two Questions on Unit Groups

    Hey Guys, How do you create a Unit Group through a Custom Script/JASS? And also, is it possible to check if a Unit Group is Empty and if so how would both of these things be accomplished through Triggers? Thanks so much! Cordially, Adorm