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  1. Sarungard

    Might and Magic related models?

    Hi guys! I am making an altered melee map with custom races and I am curious, are there any HoMM-series related models published? Most of them would definitely fit in my new races as units and/or heroes! Thank you so much for the responses!
  2. Woodenplank

    [Strategy / Risk] The Rift

    EDIT: Project discontiued, as I have lost interest in (this kind of-) map making In a world torn apart by a catastrophic daemon ritual known as 'The Rift' factions old and new strive for control over the lands of Pan - and dominance of the other factions. Players The map supports up to 10...
  3. jafhar33

    Can i get a hand

    well.. i had an account but forgot the password and email.. sooooo I get me a reason to go back on and couldnt log on.. Made a new account and here i am for my sole porpose of... I have started a map and i require the gnoll model, my first idea was to add/remove geosets and edit...
  4. SilverSong

    [model building] spatula in pail

    This is for my Time Management map, entering week 2 in development. You can read up on the newest updates here: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/showthread.php?t=66945 I want to do something fun and different. I have a manufacturing process called 'Spatula' which just involves mixing...
  5. RolePlaynGamer

    Everwood - The unique ORPG

    Current team: Yohobofire: Terraining RolePlaynGamer: Scripting, modeling Tukki: Scripting Darkenneko_003: Texturing, terraining Thrikodius: Modeling Wolfe Orscythe: Designing "Everwood" is an ORPG that my team and I have been working on for a long time. Our goal is to bring Warcraft III maps...