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  1. Barade

    [JASS] Detect the actual Z value of the ground even under water

    Is it really not possible to detect the actual Z value of the seabed below water? I have already found these threads about this topic: [JASS] - Terrain height under water? Water depth, Get location Z doesn't work. and there is no solution mentioned. I do not want to go with a fake water...
  2. cleavinghammer

    [Miscellanous / Other] Underwater Combat Ideas

    Brainstorming ideas for spells and mechanics for an underwater map (in this case, a map with an underwater and a surface section, as seen on the Water War Submerged map). The idea is that while underwater, units can move on the seafloor (treated as ground units) or swim above it (treated as...
  3. DaveDave91

    Underwater Temple Terrain

    Hello! I want to share this screenshots of my Underwater map :) If you want to see more: Underwater Temple Download available!