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  1. Kenshin_IV

    [SD/Modeling] W3 Classic+ commission list

    Hello, so I m doing mod for melee ladder, where I m retexturing and fixing models. My goal is to implement it on W3Champions as this is main platform where players play melee ladder. The goal is to make a true Warcraft 3 Classic Remaster as close as possible to original, since Reforged models...
  2. DarkMinion02


    Maybe make different models for the three levels. This one is Level 2.
  3. DarkMinion01


    A skeleton warrior wearing Forsaken style armors, which can be used as the dark minions summoned by banshee ranger's skill.
  4. BC-ArchNecromancerV1.GIF


    I'm updating my pack of black cult magicians. I will release a new pack soon :)
  5. SevLlanto

    Background Undead Reforged

    Adaptation of the classic Undead Campaign background from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, this time made in Reforged. Some images of the process here
  6. BlackCult-NecromancerALTV3-4.GIF


    Updated old model by "stein123"
  7. BlackCult-NecromancerV3-4.GIF


    Updated old model by "stein123"
  8. Timoren

    [SD/Modeling] Request for a Heroic Gargoyle

    Hello, I need an undead stone gargoyle heroified for my project. Whether it gets pieces of armour, runic etchings on it or other modifications doesn't matter too much - I leave it to the artist. I have not found anything like that existing so if someone would like to tackle it, I'd be grateful...
  9. Heretics


  10. AcolyteHereticAV2.GIF


    New Heretic Concept
  11. AcolyteHereticV2.GIF


    New Heretic Concept
  12. BlackCult-Lich.GIF


    I took it from this pack as a basis: https://xgm.guru/p/wc3/Pak-Lich-i-ego-variatsii-xas
  13. Wraiths


    These souls witnessed the destruction of their kingdom. They embodied themselves in ugly forms, wanting one thing - to destroy all living things. Fact : There are torture wheels around the wraiths' necks, which symbolize their eternal suffering.
  14. It will eat your souls

    It will eat your souls

    Portrait of a nasty creature
  15. Raised Soldier

    Raised Soldier

    These warriors served their queen during her lifetime. After death, little changed ... except that they became disgusting and terrible parodies of themselves ...
  16. Someone lost their jaw...

    Someone lost their jaw...

  17. ZombieSlave


    A worker of the undead who mainly mines gold. Raised by necromancers
  18. SpoookySpookyZombie


    Time for more nasty undead))
  19. BlackCult-HorseNecromancerALTV4.GIF


    The model has an alternative version with another staff. The old "stein123" model I updated under myself.
  20. BlackCult-HorseNecromancerV3.GIF


    The model has an alternative version with another staff. The old "stein123" model I updated under myself.
  21. BlackCult-Priest of CorruptionV2

    BlackCult-Priest of CorruptionV2

    The picture quality has been improved with the help of AI
  22. BlackCult-Priest of CorruptionALTV2

    BlackCult-Priest of CorruptionALTV2

    The picture quality has been improved with the help of AI
  23. 2BlackCult-ForsakenV2.png


    My work
  24. 1BlackCult-ForsakenV2.png


    My work
  25. NewZombie


  26. 3BlackCult-ForsakenALTV2.png


    My work
  27. 2BlackCult-ForsakenALTV2.png


    My work
  28. Tactics against the undead!

    Tactics against the undead!

  29. New necromancer

    New necromancer

    Author models: stein123 I'm starting to make a new campaign:)
  30. Scourge Heroes

    Scourge Heroes

    - Death Knight - Crypt Lord (Summons: Carrion Beetles) - Lich - Crypt Sage - Necro Lord (Morphs into: Shade of the Necro Lord)
  31. UHSFA: The Scourge

    UHSFA: The Scourge

  32. Armelior_is_back

    [SD/Misc] [icon] undead doom guard

    Hello, I'm currently updating my rise of the lich king remake again and I'm searching for an icon for the undead version of doom guards that the Scourge is using in my campaign. This guy : Here is the link to the skin : skull demon skin on the hive with a closeup image of the face If anyone...
  33. SkeletonSpiritWalker


  34. SkeletonTauren


  35. SkeletonSpiritWalker


  36. jonathan ross

    [SD/Modeling] Need help finishing my geomerge

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me finish the merging of the two units below, I've got all but the death and "stand Victory" animations to work, I would love an explanations or just some help. I could also provide the two original models i was trying to combine, if that's easier than...
  37. Background Undead - WorldEditor

    Background Undead - WorldEditor

    based on undead reforged wallpaper
  38. Warcraft 3 Re-Reforged Undead Campaign Under Construction Logo Bordered

    Warcraft 3 Re-Reforged Undead Campaign Under Construction Logo Bordered

    Solid logo for Warcraft 3 Re-Reforged undead campaign: Path of the Damned.
  39. Bolvar


    Already completed download : https://bbs.islga.org/read-htm-tid-5495318-page-1-fpage-1.html
  40. B_LK4.png


  41. B_LK3.PNG


    no animation
  42. B_LK2.PNG


  43. B_LK1.png


  44. B_B.png


  45. B_H.png


  46. TheJassy

    [HD/Modeling] More Murlocs (Reforged)

    Hello! I've been brainstorming some ideas about a Murloc campaign for Reforged but I can't seem to find any good models for that. At the moment I'm gonna keep hush shush about the project but maybe you'll get an idea of what I'm thinking with the following suggestions: In general more Murloc...
  47. LordMarrowgar.PNG


    Simple model edit of Lord Marrowgar old school style.
  48. Ciandehx

    [Solved] Gargoyle Spire with human birth animation

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if you could help me, can someone add a human birth animation for the gargoyle spire? thanks 🙂
  49. Illidan Undead

    Illidan Undead

  50. Illidan Undead

    Illidan Undead