1. Ragnar9

    Spell Help

    Seeking to create a spell which cast entangling roots in an area around the Hero. Spell is based on channel RootTendrils Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to |cff228b22Root Tendrils|r (2,1 Ent) Actions...
  2. BigMacNCheese


    Hello again can i ask for help, how can i make this on trigger without jass? I was planning to do it in a targetable skill but i can't, all i could do was the omnislash. I would appreciate your help guys thank you :cry: (Source: Honkai impact 3rd | Yae Sakura tutorial(s) by Hollowed_Skies)
  3. ShengLee133

    [Trigger] Trigger only work for 2 times??

    I had made these triggers below to order the player 7 unit to attack the specific unit(Surviver) of player 1 to player 6 1st trigger This first trigger is to check whether player 1 to player 6 slot status is unused or not and create the attack_group if the slot status is not unused. 2nd...
  4. Ragnar9

    Trigger Help

    Hi here is the trigger im trying to make: Control Point I get stuck at the complicated actions part here: Income20 Events Time - Every 60.00 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Player Group - Pick every player in (All players) and do (Actions) Loop...
  5. Ragnar9

    Waygate thread

    This dual trigger is not working. I dont want the pits of Isengard to be available until a research is complete, however the waygate is not being enabled for some reason. Start Events Map initialization Conditions Actions Neutral Building - Disable Pits of Isenguard...
  6. HolyWillRise

    [Import] HELP!

    Hello everyone! How can i make to choose +1 attribute stat (str/agi/int) for every level-up? Like everytime you level-up you gain skill points which can be used to up stats. Also how to make a spell (for example: Death coil) to deal dmg and also heal you? I've made a trigger but instead of...
  7. Ragnar9

    Treasure Hunt

    The idea of this trigger is for a hero to to cast an ability (dig for treasure) and reap the rewards of that particular treasure. However there are 3 separate treasures to be found. when he cast the ability he discovers all of the treasures. Not just the region he is standing in. I want him to...